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What are your concerns regarding flickering lights, power loss, or tripped breakers and what could the cause be? Share with us and our Peoria, IL electricians can help!

Electrician Services Peoria, IL

We offer electrical panel services to help you with all of your panel needs. The electrical panel distributes and regulates electrical circuits in your house, acting as its heart. The electrical panel in your home is the place where the single current of electricity entering your house is distributed to the various circuits that run to electrical sockets throughout your home.

When your home’s electricity is functioning as it should, your light switches and outlets provide electricity to the various devices you plug in, your appliances are running smoothly, and you and your family can enjoy your home with peace of mind, seldom having to think about your electrical breaker box. When something goes wrong in your Peoria, IL home’s electrical system, your appliances can undergo serious damage and your electrical outlets can spark, potentially posing a significant safety hazard. So whenever you notice anything strange, call our expert electricians. We provide our customers with excellent service and proper electrical panel maintenance by our team of talented and Licensed electricians.

Electrician Peoria, IL

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Is your electrical panel flickering, tripping breakers, or not supplying power? Or are you looking to upgrade it to accommodate a home renovation or upgrade an outdated system? Electrician Peoria, IL provide electrical panel repairs, electrical panel upgrades, and electrical panel replacements. A number of older homes in Peoria, IL, still use electrical panels that previously were recalled and deemed unsafe. Check to see if your electrical panel is safe to use. Additionally, our Peoria electricians also offer and recommend an annual electrical panel maintenance service. By having your electrical panel regularly checked, you can ensure that it’s functioning properly and there are no problems developing that could eventually damage your electrical system.

Residential Electricians Peoria, IL

In the Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, Decatur areas, our team provides professional residential electrician services to homeowners. The electricians are skilled professionals working with any type of electrical work the home has. The fact that electrical work in modern houses is so vast is why almost all electricians are licensed and trained in the trade. In general, the work is done in stages, and begins with the simple rough wiring of the entire home, and is finished with lights, power outlets, and everything else you see plugged in.

Generally due to the extensive safety measures that electrical repair entails, it’s important to use only an experienced company with licensed electricians. It’s not worth using an amateur technician because electrical failure may cause fires making your home into a mess. If your power fails, it means that you no longer have all the modern conveniences of today. This is why genuine electricians like us should be hired to handle electrical work in the home.

Commercial Electricians in Peoria, IL

Every successful business requires high quality electrical installation, maintenance, and repairs to keep operations running smoothly. Our expert commercial electricians in Peoria, IL, can help you with a full package of electrical repair, installation, and plenty of other services. For quick service that not only looks great, but also lasts, call the best commercial electricians in Peoria. We have been offering quality commercial electrical services at affordable prices in the area’s businesses for many years now. Whether you’re in the market for a simple panel upgrade or outdoor lighting to fix up your business’ signage at night, we’ve got you covered.

Our Electrical Services

Wiring Repair

Our company in Peoria, Illinois specializes in complete home rewiring, which is exactly what it sounds like: we rewire the entire electrical wiring system of your home. Whole-house rewiring projects are imperative to older homes with dangerous electrical wiring systems.

Lighting and Fixtures

An expert electrician from our team can add flood lights and walkway lights that make your outdoor areas safer by increasing visibility at night. Inside, a Peoria electrical expert can create an ambiance that is perfect for your mood. Call our experts today!

Surge Protection

While storms and lightning strikes are often associated with electrical power surges, especially here in Peoria, IL, electrical surges are more likely to damage electrical devices that are located inside the house. You will require our services to stay on the safe side.


Are your flickering lights causing you trouble, or have you begun to notice that a particular electrical breaker switch trips fairly often, cutting off power to a specific area of your house? A repair and upgrade from our technicians is all you need to get rid of the problems.

Service Line

In the event of a break in the overhead power line, interference from a fallen tree branch, or something ripping the electrical equipment from your house, you might be left in the dark with a power outage caused by a broken line. Take advantage of our service line repair.


During a home safety inspection, the certified electricians in Peoria will evaluate your electrical panel, light fixtures, fans, electrical switches and outlets, grounding rods, service lines and the electrical circuit wiring internal parts to identify any problems you might be experiencing.

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Handyman Peoria, IL full-size electrical repair and maintenance company and has grown to become one of the best, most respected electricians in Peoria, IL. It’s no coincidence that for many years, residents and business owners have been relying on our services for all of their residential and commercial electrical needs. 

Our emergency service option allows homeowners to get premium electrical services whenever they need it, when you want us to provide the best service. When you’ve found your dream home, set up an appointment with an electrician in Peoria, IL to determine whether he or she is qualified to solve your home or office electrical problems

We also provide Landscaping Services. If you want these services please contact us.

Therefore, whenever something unusual occurs in your home’s electrical panel, you are welcome to call our emergency line. Our skilled and licensed electricians are dedicated to providing excellent electrical panel maintenance and customer service.

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